Discovery Life Center (DLC)

Bishop K.E. & Pas Lettina McCloud

For over 44 years, Bishsop K.E. and Pastor Lettina McCloud have been involved in public ministry. Their passion for God and ministry have proven to be life changing as they teach and provide information that frees one mentally, spiritually and financially.


  • Bishop K.E. & Pastor Lettina McCloud are the founders of Discovery Life Center. (DLC)
  • DLC is a training center for  spiritual and human development.
  • Bishop K.E. has been an ordained clergy for 44 years.
  • Bishop K.E. McCloud received his theological education from 1976-1980.
  • Each holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Christ Universal Churches.
  • Bishop McCloud and Pastor Lettina have devoted their lives to the study of psychology and human behavior.
  • He and his wife co-founded multiple humanitarian non-profits.
  • Bishop McCloud has been responsible for developing 12 urban churches in FL, CO, and TX.
  • The McClouds have been featured on BET, TBN, CTN and Daystar.
  • Bishop McCloud and Pastor Lettina are sought after lecturers, providing coaching and administrative training to pastors and their staff.  This includes first class training in marketing.
  • Bishop and Dr. Lettina McCloud are also the co-founders of Dynamic Life Coaching which specifically deals with mental health, health and wellness, spiritual disciplines, personal development and life coaching.
  • DLC and Richmond Christian Center (Dr. Steve Parson), have launched a health and wellness campaign with Drs Reg and Candace McDaniel of Wellness Quest, featuring the New Eden product.
  • The McClouds are presently working with Pastor Bruce Parks, Spring, TX, in developing community outreach projects.


My wife and I are happy to serve in the body of Christ.
In His Service,
Bishop K.E. & Pas Lettina McCloud

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