Dr. Steve Parson


A Living Apostle of Faith in many ways Dr. Parson has been a forerunner today in the teaching of the Word of God and the message of Faith, Healing and Divine Health.

On the Spiritual side

When asked what he would attribute to the success of his ministry, he always responds, ” The Word of Faith” Romans 10:8

On December 4, 1983, he gathered his family together in their living room for the first service of the Richmond Christian Center.

The Church since has received national and international recognition for its outreach ministries and being one of the first television miniseries on (BET) in the late ’80s.

Born in Buffalo, NY he was raised in the Baptist Church, under the leadership of his Grandfather Rev E.J. Echols Sr Pastor of First Shiloh Baptist Church the Second Black American Church in the history of Buffalo New York. (1916)

After being born again in 1976 while watching the PTL Christian TV program, he came in contact with the Books and cassette teachings by the late Rev Kenneth Hagin of Tulsa, OK, and Apostle Fred Price of Los Angeles, CA.
He says, ”The Lord taught and ministered to me more through these two men than any theological school could possibly have done.”

He later was given an Honorary Graduate Degree from Kenneth Hagin's Rhema Bible Training School Broken Arrow OK and an Honorary Doctor Degree for his ministry work over forty years first in his own Community, Nationally and internationally wide from Saint Thomas Christian College Jacksonville Florida

He was also a Charter member on the Founding Board of Dr. Fred Price´s Fellowship of Inner Cities Word of Faith Ministries LA Cal.

In addition to his teaching ministry on Faith Dr. Parson is known for miracles, signs, and wonders that follow his ministry after praying for the sick.

In 1985 Pastor Parson´s ministry and the church received further recognition after an incident when a woman dropped dead for over twenty minutes in the church at his feet and was miraculously brought back to life through the congregation's faith and prayer.

Not counting the thousands of people in over 40 years saved and healed by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ, Dr. Parson is also known for his teaching anointing on Doing Business and his entrepreneur spirit with his over 30-year background in Community Development Projects from the Church.

On the natural health and healing side, Dr. Parson is an advocate teacher that nutrition and eating the right foods is the key to having a healthy physical body.

Years ago while praying for the sick Dr. Parson says that the spirit of God spoke to him and told him that the number one way that he heals today is through what he put inside the human body when he created it which is the immune system.

He says the way that God designed it ( the immune system ) to work is like this; if we give the body what it needs it will heal itself.

God’s original plan for our health and nutrition came from the ingredients in Plants, Leaves, Fruits, and Vegetables.

In September 2021 meets Dr. H. Reg McDaniel and now partners with Wellness Quest’s mission to get Nutrition to the Entire World.

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Dr. Steve Parson

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