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Dr. Reg explains the benefits of Glyconutrients

Molecular structure determines the function of bioactive compounds and this requires a supply of specific nutrients to be present in the diet to properly make such substances. Such normal functions include host defense, repair, recovery, structural restitution and homeostasis, i.e. balance and regulation between all cells that support health and improve quality of life. No additional representations are made.

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Wellness Quest, LLC, was developed out of professional and research experiences that led to the need to have a source for natural products that support cellular synthesis under the control of genes that oversight control or knowledge of the key ingredients from planting to harvest, and through processing to formulation.   Having authority to choose and manage personnel and fulfillment has become a major point of stability for such a commercial activity.

For those that are new to this nutritional technology, it took decades and some major events to force a change in emphasis on using drugs as the only agent of significance in seeking to maintain one’s health and wellness status to recognizing that optimized nutrition is vital for all living cells from lowly plants to human beings. Nutrition is the foundation for all efforts to assure and preserve a good quality of life.

Dr. Reg McDaniel

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