Why Hemp Seed Powder?

Since 2009 when Wellness Quest first offered NEW EDEN, I have searched the literature and coordinated this source of knowledge with our field of users by adding additional ingredients to the key component acetylated mannose of aloe leaf gel origin.

One also looks for additional nutritional sources that are different plants and in so doing one finds nutrients that are not in the existing formula because the plant genes differ for each plant. Therefore, each plant supplies additional nutrients. One seeks a seed or plant part that has a very broad scientific database of benefits and hemp is very broad in its coverage of deviations from the zone of normal health.


The political aspects of changing the federal law carried immense weight in this decision among all the seeds that could have been chosen. This is due to the federal law the hemp industry was able to change radically. For decades hemp seeds that would germinate were forbidden to be imported into the USA. They changed this law.

A collection of hemp seed products: Hearts, Protein Powder, Milk, and Oil in small white bowls.

There are at least 10 monosaccharides (sugars) in the cell wall of each plant and the % of each combined with phytochemicals and phytonutrients and the chemical arrangement of its molecules determines; do we eat it raw; do we have to cook it to eat it, do we build things with it or do we burn it for heat. Each plant not only has these properties but its seeds food supply for the sleeping embryo and the cotyledons have a nutrient store to allow the germinated embryo to grow the first root and leaf and then photosynthesis is initiated to establish a self-sufficient and independent plant. All this varies in molecular content and is a source for molecules our genes REQUIRE TO properly make bioactive compounds in cellular synthesis to conduct the biochemistry of life. The more different plant nutrient material we put in NEW EDEN the greater potential to increase the optimization of a person’s nutrient supply.

One should go to Google or even better, Google Scholar and enter the health benefits of hemp seed. This is recommended for each ingredient in NEW EDEN. Google is regarded as a balanced, independent, non-biased and authoritative source of health and scientific information. Wellness Quest makes no claim or representation to treat, cure or ameliorate disease, syndrome, or abnormal health condition. The nutritional ingredients in NEW EDEN simply support the biochemistry of life as is coded in the genes that control the cellular synthesis of compounds that conduct life processes.